Friday, 29 March 2013

Viking Raid!

It's Good Friday, bank holiday, and I'm taking the day off too.

Spent the morning sort of lounging around and re-packing everything that I had rustled through during my stay here in the hotel.

Then around noon, it was time to board the longboat for an old-fashioned Viking raid!
I went berserk for this place!

OK, so maybe not that crazy, but it was fun and worth the cost of admission.  The exhibits were informative and creative, although I wasn't a fan of how crowded and cramped it felt, especially on the first floor.

You learn so much for these little day trips:

One big takeaway for me was how much Dublin was influenced by the English.  A second: I'm glad I did not live in the middle ages; I like running water and being lice-free too much.

Of course the exhibit ends in the gift shop.  I managed to evade the overpriced nick-knacks and post cards.  I took the stair exit and I am every so glad I did.  The museum had a stairway up into a St. Michael's Cathedral tower.
So, pop up the stairs and get a great view of Dublin!

 Roughly south.  St. Patrick's Cathedral center.

 Roughly east.  Christ Church on the left.

Roughly north.

Anyway, a nice way to end the tour.

Outside I wandered over and took these of Christ Church, which is famous for being the place where Handel's Messiah premiered.

Now I'm back in my room, and my thoughts turn to tomorrow.  Big shopping day.  I am going to try to get all the basic household stuff I can while I have use of a van, provided generously by Tom Corcoran.

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