Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bull Island

Less than a half mile away from our home is a sandy beach front, Bull Island.  Geographically, it's pretty interesting, it's actually man-made, though completely inadvertent, the effect of seawall construction to protect the Dublin bay.

Fortunately for us, it's easy to get to and for an ocean lover like myself, perhaps one of the greatest elements of living in Ireland.  Here's a collection of pics I've taken since I've arrived.  

Now that summer has (sorta) arrived, we hopefully will be spending more time here. 

Hopefully we can get him out of that hole!

 The kids were all dressed, walking along the beach.  Can we walk in the surf,dad?  Oh sure, but just up to your ankles, OK?  Oh sure, dad, no problem . . . .

 Hmmmm, a little deeper than the ankles, I think . . . .

 Yeah, that's a lot deeper than the ankles.

 Fully dressed and soaked (and freezing).

YOU KIDS!  I SAID ANKLE DEEP! Oh look at those faces .  . . oh you know I can't stay mad at you!

Guess who's feet those are?

 Now, on a much sunnier and warmer day when they were actually supposed to get wet . . .

 Playing in the sand (which is a very fine, silty sand.  Makes for cleanup nightmares)

 This was a particularly windy day; the tide was going out and the wind was blowing out to the ocean, so the water receded so fast you could see it.

 Star of the Sea statue.

 Some swimming shelters and steps, though on this day it was highly advisable to stay out of the water.

 The Pizza Hut of Bull Island didn't do too well, I guess.

 This lovely yellow wildflower is called Gorse, but you don't want to cuddle its inch-long thorns.

 The wind brings out the windsurfers and kite surfers.  It was cold that day, so these fellas were the real deal.

 Howth as seen from the sea grass and dunes.

 A ferry in the distance.
Poolbeg power station and its very prominent smokestacks.

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  1. Thanks for posting all of these pictures! I love watching your adventures!