Sunday, 23 June 2013

Friends & Glendalough: The Return

Last week we had our 2nd visitor from the US.  This time it was a good friend who we knew when we lived in Connecticut.  

While he was here mostly for business,we did manage to take him around some sights, including Glasnevin cemetery.  After were touring the ornate tombs and headstones, which didn't take long because of the foul weather, we noticed that we were locked in!  It was a little weird because we had just seen the security guard drive by, so we know he knew we were still in the cemetery.  Luckily for us, we found a gate that only looked locked, so we undid it, and left.


Undaunted by the weather, we took him on a tour of the Howth peninsula and marina.  

 Aaron and Liz being troopers on the seawall.

 Cold and raining sideways.  Summer in Ireland at its finest!  Hope you enjoyed your visit, Will!

Our friend departed back to Washington state that weekend, so it was time for another family adventure.  I still wanted the family to see Glendalough, the Wicklow Gap, time permitting, Kilkenny castle.

 I can see why the Irish love Glendalogh, it's a beautiful place.

 Sariah contemplating by the peaceful river.

 David attempting to navigate across the river.

 Cookie in deep meditation.

 Cookie not knowing I'm taking a photograph.

 Cookie knowing I'm taking a photograph.

 "Ahhh! what is that bright yellow orb in the sky! It hurts my eyes!" (notice her shirt? UDUB represent!)

 Cookie deeply reflecting upon the history, meaning, and purpose of life.
 The cemetery of Glendalough.

 Fashion queen showing off her hot moves.

 One of my favorite pics.

 Just a beautiful place.

 Couple of ducks also enjoying the brief moments of sun and warmth.

As we departed Glendalough we made our way across the famed Wicklow Gap.  Back in March when I took my first trip to Glendalough, the bus didn't make the drive due to the inclement weather.  So, understandably I was pretty excited to see it for the first time and have my fam experience it with me.

I had already seen some pretty amazing views in Ireland and was thinking this was going to top them all. While the drive was beautiful it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. 

Part of that may have been due to a message I received that my mom was gravely ill and in an intensive care unit.  Obviously, we cut the tour short and headed immediately back home so I could make some phone calls and find out what exactly was going on.

As I write this, my mom is back home and recovering nicely after what was a very serious medication accident and infection shut her kidneys down and nearly claimed her life.  Fortunately for us, she has bounced right back and is doing much better.

After calling her and talking to her see how she was doing, one thing she said was that as soon as she gets better she's coming to Ireland!

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  1. Glendalough was amazing. I can see why the monks picked it for their sanctuary. It was so peaceful even with all the tourists there.